Monografias Prontas - Like the monograph, the master's dissertation should also be a
individual work, unpublished and demonstrating on the part of the master's degree an
about the theoretical framework chosen for academic dialogue. However, as it is a post-graduation mode strictu senso, the text should reveal a character of innovation and originality from the problematic proposal.
Monografias Prontas - After completing the text of the dissertation and considered fit by the tutor, it should be printed on 4 spiral bound tracks and delivered along with a CD or pendrive copy to the IDP secretariat for submission to the bench components. It should be emphasized that the choice of the members of the bank is the prerogative of the teacher who guided the dissertation.
Monografias Prontas - For students who have joined in the first semester of 2015, the
defense of the work will be mandatorily performed before the assessment bank, which will be duly established by the TCC Nucleus, with the participation of CEPES.
Monografias Prontas - It should be noted that for students enrolled from 2015 onwards, it is the participation of a guiding teacher in the preparation of the text of the monograph. The format of choice, formalities and deadlines for the choice of guiding teachers and deposit rules are set forth in the Working Regulation for the Conclusion of the Lato senso Postgraduate course - approved by Consaepe on 9/24/2015.
Monografias Prontas - The monograph must necessarily be an individual, unpublished and revealing the domain of the chosen theme and the systematization capacity of the acquired knowledge.
Monografias Prontas - Once the monograph has been prepared the student must deposit in the IDP for "spiral" correction (2 printed tracks and 1 CD). Only after the approval of the monograph and in view of the eventual adjustments suggested by the bank, the student must make the final deposit.
Monografias Prontas - Introduction: word introduction in bold; Caps Lock; not numbered;
justified; contain in its wording the following elements: theme, objectives, problem, hypothesis, methodology and indication of the theoretical framework; leave two spaces of 1.5 cm after summary.
Monografias Prontas - Development: is the exposition of the work that contains the theoretical framework and the literature review; care with direct and indirect citations (NBR 10520). They can
be used equations, formulas, illustrations and tables in the body of the text.